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A night with four Co.Creations:


Mice Bards // Raj, Celo, Matt
(Bard Funeral Services for Animals)

Our services offer to commemorate the life and memory of your pet through composed music, video projection, and story weaving. We provide a retelling of your pet’s stories woven together with music and video projection, shining a light on your pet’s life. We are classically trained musicians and performers based in Vancouver. Our services work to create a meaningful goodbye with your faithful companion.

Please inquire for service charges and details.

Favilla with Tatar sauce: No electronics

Kıvanç Tatar: trumpet
Paris Favilla: sax

A flow of different improvisatory modes: repetitive licks, still notes, constant dialogues.


Matt Horrigan, Maren Lisac, and Minah Lee

Floors will be whacked and bags will be rolled in.


Brady Marks Performs (Solo)

"2 VCOs and A Microphone" (~5min)

A tonic break beating of minimal proportions: This performance is an improvisation to create and destroy the boundaries between beats and drone using Beat Frequencies. And, in a parody of Beck's line "Two Turntables and a Microphone" (Where It's At, 1996) I will introduce Failed Vocal Harmony to the Synthesis Chain, as a contrast to the Mathematical Purity & Fetish Value of the Analog VCO which is the Current Analogue of the Turntable's Cultural Cache held the 90's.  

About Co.Crea.Tive

The Co.nstrained Crea.tions Collec.Tive gathers artists from different disciplines interested into the exploration of constrained improvisations.

Starting from the concept of free improvisation – a form of music that does not entail predetermined rules nor idiomatic connotations – we challenge our practice through the imposition of piece-wise constraints. As opposed to the definition of a structure, constraints push us out of our artistic comfort zone and hinder the retreat to known patterns.

This approach is then extended to different forms of expression, with a twofold purpose: first, to foster experimentalism, develop personal style, defy our mastery of instruments and bodily expression; second, to help us tell a story to the audience, so as to offer also to non-artists a breach over the complex domain of creative improv.